Monday, October 1, 2012

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After appearing in local markets from California to Texas to Canada, John Lennon finally appeared live on his hometown radio. Late in the afternoon of September 28th, 1974, he showed up at WNEW-FM's studio for a surprise appearance during Dennis Elsas's Saturday shift.

Armed with a stack of singles, John spent the next two hours spinning tracks from Walls And Bridges, and deconstructing songs old and new by Bobby Parker, ELO, Marvin Gaye, Harry Nilsson, Splinter, Ringo Starr, Richie Barrett, Ray Charles, the Rolling Stones and Derek Martin, often playing "spot the influence".

The tape has been rebroadcast with some regularity over the years, and most of it was included in the Lost Lennon Tapes radio series; here is the complete broadcast (minus commercials):

Hour 1
Hour 2

Walls And Bridges was officially released in the US on September 30th, trailed by an extensive promotional campaign consisting of radio and TV ads, buttons, billboards, posters, matchbook covers, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and more, all labeled "Listen To This [X]":


  1. Is there a reason why this is being flagged by Kasper for having malware attached? Got a warning and access denied.

  2. Should add it was for Hour 2.

  3. I hope you can post the 27 Sept 1974 KHJ-AM Los Angeles Visit...& I think, that was all John Lennon, visited, & I think the rest were, Phone-In Interviews...Some of you collectors might know more on this...

    1. I already posted the KHJ tape (it was 20 September):

  4. Ha! Thanks for posting the very beginning of the broadcast! I've always wondered what was playing right before he came on!! And it was.....Chicago!!! Ha!!!

    Thank you sir!

  5. When John & Yoko played 'Live Peace In Toronto', Chicago, Alice Cooper, Little Richard, Sha-na-na, Chuck Berry, & I think Jerry Lee Lewis Opened, & there could have been more, & this is from memory...I wonder who John & Yoko met as far as these artists & bands...during that day/evening..I do have a list in my files...