Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flight Of The Butterfly

September 27th, 1974 saw two McCartney-related titles go on sale in the UK.

First was the LP McGear, which Paul and members of Wings had worked on at the beginning of the year. Paul had co-written most of the numbers with his brother Michael, and played and sang backing on many of the tracks.

Released the same day was Rod Stewart's album Smiler, featuring the song "Mine For Me". Paul had written it specially for Rod and added a harmony vocal.

Also in stores (released September 20th in the UK) was Adam Faith's new LP, I Survive. Paul contributed synthesizer parts to four numbers (uncredited on the sleeve), singing backup on one of them, "Star Song":

Last but not least was Peggy Lee's album Let's Love, released October 1st in the US. Paul had brought the title song to a dinner with Peggy as a gift (in lieu of a bottle of wine) and played piano on the track, recorded in Los Angeles during the spring.

John Lennon was not idle on September 27th, either, continuing his Walls And Bridges radio phone-ins with a call to Mark Parenteau at WABX in Detroit. The two chatted about John moving to Toronto (a false rumor spurred by his CHUM interview the previous day), "Steel And Glass", Aunt Mimi, the UFO sighting, and Eddie Lawrence, the performer who had narrated the Pussycats TV spot.

Also dated September 27th (I'm not sure if it's the recording or air date) is John's appearance on BBC Radio One's Rock Speak. Tape of a Lennon interview was played, with DJ Michael Wale overdubbing the questions; topics covered include nostalgia, the inaugural Beatlefest, Mind Games, and a track by track description of the new LP.

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  1. Ha! Listening to the credits at the end of the "Rock Speak" was produced by a pre-punk Tony Wilson (Factory Records, the protaganist of the hilarious movie 24 Hour Party People, a must-see for all music fans, even if you don't like the music in the movie!.)

    (here's a hilarious, Beatles-related scene in that movie, in which Tony Wilson - played by Steve Coogan - is managing an act. No one shows up for the gig and he's standing in the back, at the bar, with the owner of the club who says..."You're no George Epstein". Hilarity ensues....
    check it out: