Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Many Vicissitudes

John's promotional campaign took an odd turn on October 3rd, 1974 when he visited the New York headquarters of ABC Radio. He was there to appear on media icon Howard Cosell's syndicated talk series, Speaking Of Everything.

In typically loquacious fashion, Cosell elicited thoughtful conversation from John about his immigration case, the Beatles as cultural leaders, the state of relations among the ex-group, and intellectualism in music. John and Howard got along so swimmingly that John agreed to appear on Monday Night Football a couple of months later.

Meanwhile, John was still phoning disc jockeys across the USA to plug the new album and single. Sometime during late September-early October (exact dates unknown), he chatted with Ginger Sutton at WEBN in Cincinnati and John Houghton of WZMF in Milwaukee. The latter interview is particularly interesting, covering musical influences, John's acceptance of his Beatle past, the Plastic Ono Band album, comparisons with Van Gogh, Dylan Thomas, and Brendan Behan, his Dick Cavett Show appearances, Allan Klein, reunion rumors, and his current feelings about Yoko.

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  1. Wow! I never knew that he was on a Howard Cosell radio show!!! Downloading now, thank you!!