Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nothing To Get Hong About

After two concerts in Blokker on June 6th, 1964, John, Paul, George, and Jimmy flew back to London Airport the next morning. Joining them on the next leg of the tour was John's aunt Mimi, who had relatives to visit in New Zealand.

Before arriving Down Under, they had a stop to make for two concerts in Hong Kong. During the June 7th flight from London, Sydney disc jockey Bob Rogers filmed interviews with John, Mimi, and Paul - the latter conducted while John threw pillows at them from across the plane.

On the 8th, they arrived at Hong Kong's Kaitak airport, and drove to the President Hotel in Kowloon. A press conference and lengthy radio interviews occupied the rest of their evening, including a photo opportunity with a pair of Thailand film actresses, Unchuli Anantakul and Busara Narumit.

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