Monday, April 4, 2011

George Harrison Lunacy

A Hard Day's Night filming continued throughout March, 1964 at Twickenham Studios, where The Beatles were interviewed for Movie-Go-Round, and the Scala Theatre, where Paul was interviewed by Dieter Bröer. They also appeared live on Ready Steady Go! for the second time on March 20th.

After wrapping for the day on April 1st, Paul went to Liverpool to visit relatives. John, George, and Ringo stayed in London, where they sat for a lengthy interview at NEMS HQ with Australian journalist Bernice Lumb. During her visit to London, Bernice also interviewed Brian Epstein and DJ Alan Freeman.

BONUS: For all you Eppy fans, here is a recording of Brian being interviewed for BBC-TV's Panorama, broadcast March 30th, 1964.

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  1. My favourite beatles interview ever bar none. George is on top form here. The quiet one indeed!