Thursday, March 11, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

NEMS, 1982

A decent collection of "psychedelic era" Beatles outtakes (mostly 1967-1968), and the first appearance of the title track, from an acetate.

- Strawberry Fields Forever
- "The Bus"
- The Inner Light
- The Fool On The Hill
- All You Need Is Love
- By George! It's The David Frost Theme/It's Now Or Never
- Hey Jude

- I Am The Walrus
- Spiritual Regeneration/Happy Birthday To You
- Yer Blues
- What's The New Mary Jane
- Peace Of Mind
- It's All Too Much
- The Barber Of Seville


  1. The first bootleg I ever bought (on cassette!)

  2. Thanks for your transfer; I shared my version on Dime a few years ago....
    I bought this album in Venice (Italy) in a wonderful tiny shop called "Discoland" which was heaven for collectors of bootlegs and rare records; sadly, another shop gone forever.
    The albums on the Nems label were among my favorite Beatle boots.

  3. I can call the "Barber Of Seville" outtake psychedelic XD

  4. I'd love to sell my copy ... just don't know how?!