Saturday, March 13, 2010

As Well As Abbey Road

Alternative Record Company, 1983

A crappy Brazilian copy of No. 3 Abbey Road NW8, chopped up and missing some material.

- You Never Give Me Your Money
- Octopus's Garden
- Maxwell's Silver Hammer
- Oh! Darling
- Something

- How Do You Do
- Blackbird
- Heather
- The Unicorn
- LaleƱa
- Heather (again!)
- Mr. Wind
- The Walrus And The Carpenter
- Land Of Gisch


  1. I like the bootleg just for the cover photo (which I've never seen before)

  2. I bought this one along with its "twin release" which includes "Come And Get It" (I can't remember the title) and i always thought these were italian releases.