Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I.T.'s All Too Much

The Sgt. Pepper recording sessions wrapped up April 3rd, 1967, with the final overdubs on George's contribution, "Within You Without You". The same day, Paul flew to the US, accompanied by Mal Evans, to surprise Jane Asher in Denver on her 21st birthday. On his April 11th return flight to London, Paul sketched out a rough idea for a Beatles TV film. By the 25th, the band was back at EMI recording the film's title song, "Magical Mystery Tour".

On the evening of April 29th, John Lennon dropped acid and dropped in on the 14-Hour Technicolor Dream, a "happening" taking place at the Alexandra Palace in London. One of the events being presented was Yoko Ono's "Cut Piece", although it's not known if John was aware of the connection (or even there to witness it):

A couple of weeks later, George Harrison sat down for a very lengthy interview with Barry Miles, co-founder of London's underground paper, the International Times. The contents of the rambling conversation are far removed from jelly babies, haircuts, and the usual Beatles interview fodder. In addition to discussing the Technicolor Dream, George and Barry ponder universal love, drugs, Zen Buddhism, mantras, reincarnation, and other weighty topics.

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  1. The first time I saw the full "Man Alive" report - and noticed that those ballet dancers are dancing to some familiar sound..... a rather distorted (and drum-less?) version of Tomorrow never knows!

    For a tiny split second (the one between realizing this is Beatles music and the one it took me to figure which song) I thought:
    WAIT! Is this Carneval of light? Buried in this news report all the time and noone ever figured it out?
    But alas it was not. Can`t be. Carneval of light was done for a different (though similar) event.
    Still enjoyed this split second though.

    Reminds of a dream I had years ago: I was in second hand record store and found all these unfamiliar Beatles bootlegs with songs that I never heard of. And in the dream I bought them, took them home and listened to them!

    If I would be Paul McCartney I would have been able to get up, get on the piano - a la Yesterday - and channel a whole album of unknown and unreleased Beatles songs!