Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let's Open The World

Proceedings in the case dissolving The Beatles & Company opened January 19th, 1971 in the London High Court. None of the group attended the earliest court dates, and only Paul would give testimony in person, the others submitting sworn affadavits.

While those in the media were left to speculate about how the money would be divided, John and Yoko got away from it all by traveling to Miami and then on to Japan, where John met Yoko's parents for the first time. They stayed at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, registering as "Mr. and Mrs. Gherkin".

While managing to duck reporters during most of their stay, they did agree to record a message for Japanese radio before checking out on January 25th. After plugging their new albums ("on Toshiba/Apple"), John answers a few questions about his music, with Yoko translating the queries and responses. The final ten minutes are entirely Yoko speaking in Japanese.


  1. If you have any contemporary evidence whatsoever that they actually went to Miami, I would LOVE to see it.......

    1. Nope, but here are the sources of the haikus in John's postcard up there:

  2. Wow, this is really new territory, for my ears at least!! Thanky!