Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Concert At Whiskey Flat

Towards the end of 1970, vinyl Beatlegs not taken from one of the Get Back acetates (or pirated from singles) finally began to surface. Renaissance Minstrels Volume I included songs from the legendary Ed Sullivan shows (sadly, Volume II was just copied from an earlier LP, Homogenized Beatles). Then there was Shea The Good Old Days, lifted from the Shea Stadium TV special.

In October 1970, the nascent Trademark Of Quality label produced another rubber-stamped album with the intriguing title In Concert At Whiskey Flat. The source turned out to be a 1964 concert in Philadelphia, and along with the Hollywood Bowl recording, it was by far the highest-quality live Beatles performance available for the first few years of Beatlegging. It was soon duplicated on albums such as Live Concert At Wiskey Flats and In Atlanta Whiskey Flat.

- Twist And Shout
- You Can't Do That
- All My Loving
- She Loves You
- Things We Said Today
- Roll Over Beethoven

- Can't Buy Me Love
- If I Fell
- I Want To Hold Your Hand
- Boys
- A Hard Day's Night
- Long Tall Sally


  1. One of my first bootlegs! I remember Krissy Larsen (my first kiss!) gave it to me when we were in sixth grade, in 1979! I should have married her!

    Thanks, John!

  2. how about saving me 150usd and load:
    1. timeless
    2. timeless 2
    3. timeless 2.5 it has a "is fishy" on it

    ty in advance

    Frank Zappa: "Advance Romance"

    1. None of those are Beatlegs, but I'm sure you can get them for less than $150! A quick check at finds all three for under $60, in fact.

  3. ok then off to lp2cd they go :(

  4. I have a reel to reel of a concert labeled Live at whiskey Flats. on one side
    and the Other is labeled let it be out takes "B" sides

    The Inside is all handwritten and dated 11-20-72 it has all of the songs listed above plus
    Love me do, I'm Down, I am the Walrus, You Know My Name, There's a Place

    Get Back , Power to the people, Let it be , Instant Karma, and more.

    Not really sure what it is . If anyone knows

  5. Can anybody reup please ?? Thanks a lot