Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Dream Is Over

Paul waited until the final day of 1970 to file suit against his erstwhile band members, beginning the interminable process of dissolving their business partnership and cementing his role as the "bad guy" in the Beatles' breakup story.

Meanwhile, their solo careers carried on, with Paul spending November and December in New York's Columbia Studios taping the basic tracks for his Ram LP. George was being showered with accolades for All Things Must Pass and "My Sweet Lord", both of which shot to the top of the charts by year's end.

On December 12th, during a break from filming Fly, John and Yoko were interviewed once again by Howard Smith for WABC radio. The conversation touched on many of the same topics as the Rolling Stone interview (John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, the future of the Beatles, Primal Therapy), John was far more relaxed and less outrageous, perhaps because he knew it would be heard on the radio, or perhaps he had vented enough steam already.

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