Monday, March 14, 2011

Kum Back

no label, 1970

The Beatleg industry started with this modestly-packaged disc, which was distributed in early January, 1970. The material, unreleased songs from the Get Back sessions, was revelatory at the time, four months prior to Let It Be, but quickly wore out its welcome when repackaged dozens of different ways.

- Get Back
- The Walk
- Let It Be
- Teddy Boy
- Two Of Us

- Don't Let Me Down
- I've Got A Feeling
- The Long And Winding Road
- For You Blue
- Dig A Pony
- Get Back


  1. I bought this from a record fair in 1982, couldnt afford a vinyl album so bought a cassette with a dodgy photocopy cover. The plus was it was recorded onto TDK tape. Think it aybe time to listen again. Thanks for making it available.

  2. The first bootleg I ever bought...Leeds Arcade 1970