Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Back

Lemon Records, 1970

One of the earliest Beatlegs, sort of a hybrid of Kum Back (albeit in mono) and the Silver Album. Does not contain "Across The Universe", which is listed on the slipsheet.

- One After 909
- The Walk
- Don't Let Me Down
- Dig A Pony
- I've Got A Feeling
- Get Back

- For You Blue
- Teddy Boy
- Two Of Us
- Dig It
- Let It Be
- The Long And Winding Road

1 comment:

  1. Sometime in the early seventies, when I was fourteen or so, this was the first beatleg I encountered. In those days, I had no money to buy records, and used to copy vinyl, borrowed from my friends, on tape. Same for this extraordinary (blue) coloured "Get Back". Always being short of tape, I usually erased recordings after a few weeks or months, but this one I kept, and I listened to it a countless number of times.

    Thanks for sharing, John. Brings back great memories.