Saturday, February 18, 2012

Year One A.P.

John and Yoko spent Christmas week, 1969, at home in Tittenhurst, ready to usher in Year One A.P. (After Peace). On the 26th or 27th of December, they recorded a message for Canadian radio, promoting the International Peace Festival and sending hope to listeners of the planned "peace network" of radio stations.

Around the same time, as a thank-you to Ronnie Hawkins, who had loaned them his house outside Toronto, John recorded a "Short Rap" and "Long Rap" plugging Ronnie's new single, "Down In The Alley". That Christmas, Canadian radio listeners were also treated to a sneak preview of "Let It Be", as heard on these airchecks from CKLW-AM in Windsor, Ontario.

By December 29th, John and Yoko were back at London Airport boarding a flight to Denmark. They would spend New Year's and most of January, 1970 visiting Yoko's daughter Kyoko at the Ã…lborg farmhouse where Yoko's ex-husband Tony Cox was staying. Recordings from this visit are covered in an earlier blog post.

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