Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sink The Magic Christian

With The Magic Christian set for a Royal World Premiere in London on December 11th, 1969, Ringo set out to do a bit of pre-promotion for the movie.

On December 1st, he was filmed in lengthy conversations with Tony Bilbow for the BBC2 series Line-Up, broadcast nine days later (the eve of the premiere). The interview began in the back of a limo which picked up Ringo from 3 Savile Row and transported him and Tony to the Thames, where they (and the camera/sound man) entered a boat and paddled down the river.

On the evening of December 6th, Ringo taped an appearance for airing the same night on LWT's Frost On Saturday. David Frost talked with Ringo and co-star Peter Sellers sensibly about the picture for a few minutes, but when Peter's Goon Show comrade Spike Milligan (who had a cameo role in The Magic Christian) joined the panel, all hell broke loose, although it's not easy to decipher from the horrendous quality off-line audio tape which survives.

There also exists an extremely rare one-sided promotional LP for The Magic Christian, containing an open-ended interview with Ringo. I've never seen a copy or heard the contents - does anyone out there have it?


  1. Wow, I never thought I'd hear this stuff.....and I so wish I had that open-ended interview, sorry Dinsdale! An open interview with Ringo AND Peter Sellers? Wow. That's all I can say. How could that be anything less than hilarious.....

    Ok, I'm going to start listening to the stuff you posted now! Thank you, thank you, thank you veddy much!

  2. Aww man, it's gone.... really wanted to hear the Frost on Saturday recording :( Does anyone still have it???