Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Stereo Walk

Rubber Soul, 1988

A compilation of mostly-common tracks, although the spoken material on side 2 is unusual. And no, "The Walk" isn't in stereo!

- Suicide
- Bad To Me
- I'll Be On My Way
- Catswalk
- Goodbye
- All Together On The Wireless Machine
- Step Inside Love
- The Walk
- Back Seat Of My Car
- Commonwealth
- Spiritual Regeneration
- Suzy Parker

- Back In The USSR
- Ding Dong, Ding Dong
- Dark Horse
- Hello Little Girl
- Beatles In The Studio
- Some Other Guy
- John Wizardo talks to John Lennon
- Syracuse press conference
- Grammy Awards


  1. Really? I own this LP, and "The Walk" is definitely in stereo - the best quality cut on side one, in fact.

    Anyways, it's worth noting that this LP is more or less a 'Greatest Hits' album for the SAPCOR series, being produced by the same bootlegger (and using the same style of label). Oddly enough though, I think this may predate that series by a short time.

  2. Ya no existe el Link Para Bajar el Audio, podrias volver a subirlo?