Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Quarrymen Rehearse With Stu Sutcliff

Pre Beatle Records, 1988

Spelling error in the title aside (Sutcliffe), this was an exciting LP at the time of release. It's the US equivalent of the 1987 LP The Quarrymen At Home, and offers most of the "songs" from the 1960 Beatals rehearsal tapes, leaving out the long and painful instrumentals. Fabulous cover, too!

- Hallelujah I Love Her So
- One After 909
- I Will Always Be In Love Than You
- You'll Be Mine
- Matchbox
- Wildcat
- Some Days
- Cayenne

- I'll Follow The Sun
- One After 909
- Well Darling
- You Must Write Every Day
- Movin' And Groovin'/Ramrod
- That's When Your Heartaches Begin
- Hello Little Girl
- That'll Be The Day


  1. Just got a copy of this LP. Zounds! Great!

  2. I gotta ask because you are the MAN for this sort of thing. Have you heard the purportedly new "discovery" of Stu Sutcliffe singing "Love Me Tender"? If so what do you think? If not, here's the link..

  3. I've heard it, and have serious doubts as to its legitimacy.

  4. Yep, I figured you'd say that.

    Also, Bill Harry and Klaus Voormann both gave their two cents and to bottom line everyone, (and I'll provide the link to your readers below), the highlights are either "50 years is a long time to remember how a voice sounds", "sounds too old to be Stuart" and "It's not him."

    Seems like the general feeling is that Pauline Sutcliffe might be just trying to get some press...