Monday, February 21, 2011

Tell Me What You (want to) See

I've set up a poll (left side of the page) for visitors to vote on the future direction of this blog.

I can continue alternating the needledrops of old vinyl Beatlegs with vintage interviews and spoken recordings, or focus on one or the other more (or exclusively). What would you like to see? Vote now, or add your own comments and ideas to this post. The poll will close a week from today.


  1. Anything (and therefore, everything) you do is providing a service. And it is appreciated.

  2. Agreed - I love the interviews and don't really use the vinyl rips at all. But as a beggar, I can't be a chooser!

    John - thank you for all the wonderful material you are providing to us for nothing!

    (Brisbane, Australia)

  3. Hi,

    I just found your site, and I am loving going through the old vinyl bootlegs. I spent many hours flipping through the stacks at "underground" music stores and contemplating whether it was worth stretching my student budget to indulge in the latest tease by the bootleggers. Many times I succumbed, with mixed results until the top quality stuff like File Under The Beatles started appearing, but for those I never picked up now I can see and hear what I missed.

    Ace K.

  4. I like the contents of the blog exactly as it is. I think it's best if you alternate your posts between needledrops, vintage interviews and spoken recordings.

    Can I ask you to post the complete Beatles At The Beeb series on BEEB Transcription Records? Preferably the European version.

  5. Hi John,

    Keep up the good work mate. Anything you feel like posting is alright by me.

    The vinyl rips take me back to the days of the L.R.E. King books and posting the interviews in order of recording is an inspired move (and saves me a lot of time with my own project(s)!).

    To make all of this available to the collecting community is a remarkably generous gesture.


    Mark (ashwom)

  6. Personally, I am much more interested in the interviews than I am in the vinyl boots. Mostly because, while the vinyl is fun in a nostalgic way, most of us already have all of that material (and in much better quality). The same can't be said about the interviews. However, I do appreciate that you put up both.

    Given the current state of the vote on this poll, maybe do something like 2 interview posts for every 1 vinyl boot post? Whatever you decide, thanks for sharing and all your hard work!

  7. Thank you John for providing us with old beatlegs and interviews. Its really fun to listen to what was available before I was born. The interviews are great to hear and in most cases I have never heard them since its an area of beatles I didn't like collecting. I am still awaiting a London Palladium 1964 Upgrade and maybe someday it will see the light of day on your Blog =)

    Thanks again for sharing and keep on rockin


  8. The blog is a joy as it is, I see no reason to change anything. Thanks for all the fun!