Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nothing To Shea But It's OK

The Beatles' final concert in New York would be at Shea Stadium, but compared to the previous year's record-setting sellout, the 1966 performance was only about 80% full.

The group arrived at LaGuardia Airport on August 22nd, flying direct from St. Louis and landing around 3:50 in the morning. As they slept into the afternoon at the Warwick Hotel, an Associated Press reporter interviewed a devoted fan outside.

The Beatles eventually emerged for an early evening press conference, followed by a special "junior" press conference, with contest-winning fans asking the questions, which were both more interesting and more inane than those posed by the "real" journalists. They also spoke with "Cousin" Bruce Morrow live on WABC radio following the two conferences. That night, Brian Epstein appeared on NBC's Tonight Show, with guest host Hugh Downs filling in for Johnny Carson.

On the 23rd, George chatted with Kenny Everett prior to the concert at Shea. Covering the concert were a somewhat cynical Leonard Harris from WCBS-TV and an enterprising reporter for the Audio Journal company, who released an audio-verite souvenir LP called Beatles at Shea Stadium Described by Erupting Fans.


  1. Hi,
    Is that the full album of Beatles at Shea Stadium Described by Erupting Fans?
    Do you have the beatles with tony sheridan and their guests lp mono or stereo?
    I have trying to find a file for quite sometime now.
    Thanks for reading my comment.

  2. It's nearly the full album, only the musical bits are missing (I have them indexed separately in my collection). Don't know where to find the Tony Sheridan LP.

  3. Okay,thank you.
    I remember a rare album called Hey Julian 2 LP set Sapcor back around 1987.I only turned 18,and I did not have the money to buy it.
    I have no idea what the tracks sound like.
    I have been trying to find a link for this 2 LP set for quite sometime now.
    Do you or someone else have a file for it?

  4. Here's the first disc on someone else's blog: