Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great To Have You With Us

no label, 1986

A bizarre amalgam of solo rarities, promo discs, TV and radio commercials, and "for others" sessions.

- No Values
- No More Lonely Nights
- For No One
- Corridor Music
- So Bad
- Goodnight Princess
- Thingumybob

- Silver Platter Service interview
- Fab Four On Film
- Open-End Interview With The Beatles
- The Beatles Introduce New Songs
- Music City/KFWBeatles
- "The Beatles Decade" radio spots
- Top Of The Pops chat
- Dialogue from The Beatles' Motion Picture "Let It Be"

- I Lost My Little Girl
- Lucille
- Too Bad About Sorrows
- "Melvyn Bragg In The Parlour Having Tea"
- Mull Of Kintyre
- That'll Be The Day
- Desert Island Discs
- McCartney II TV spot
- Wings Greatest TV spot
- Go Your Own Way
- Dark Horse
- The Concert For Bangla Desh radio spot
- Band On The Run radio spot
- I Saw Her Standing There
- All My Loving
- Can't Buy Me Love

- Too Many Cooks
- God Bless California
- Dance The Do
- Ten Years After On Strawberry Jam
- What Do We Really Know?
- Givin' Grease A Ride
- The Holdup
- Let's Love
- I Wrote A Simple Song
- You're Breaking My Heart
- Make Love Not War
- Edward

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