Monday, August 2, 2010

Come Back Johnny!

Melvin, 1979

Another of Melvin's entertaining Beatlegs, albeit not as eclectic as usual. Most of the LP consists of the One-To-One concert (a mix of audience and broadcast tapes), with a healthy dose of Lennon media appearances sprinkled throughout.

- Comment to a Bleary-eyed Bob Dylan
- Power To The People
- New York City
- It's So Hard
- Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
- Listen to This Radio Spot
- Well Well Well
- Instant Karma!
- Goodnight Vienna radio spot

- Monday Night Football
- Mother
- Come Together
- Cold Turkey
- Hound Dog
- Well (Baby Please Don't Go)/Rock Island Line/Maybe Baby/Peggy Sue
- Johnny B. Goode
- Imagine


  1. Thanks!

    Fernando (from Brazil)

  2. Thanks for the transfer (and for the other ones as well).
    I got this under a different name ("Teddy Boy") but identical content, issued by the same people who copied the "Don Ho" bootleg as "Silver Lining".