Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We'll All Die Of Failure

During their August, 1964 visit to Southern California, The Beatles rented a secluded mansion in Bel-Air from British actor Reginald Owen. As George and Ringo cavorted poolside on the 24th, John and Paul were inside recording several promotional items for Capitol Records.

The composers taped intros for a DJ single containing two of their songs given away to Cilla Black and Peter and Gordon, and Paul contributed some half-hearted song intros to a Veterans' Administration radio series, Here's To Veterans.

Both of the above were produced by Capitol's Jack Wagner, who also interviewed John and Paul more in-depth about their songwriting process and early career. The result was used in two places, with different edits:

Teen Set magazine


  1. But where is "Here's To Veterans?"

  2. I'll add it to the list for a future post!

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    Very nice blog, thanks. I've been trying to track down the Silver Platter record that contains the Beatles interview for some time now but with no luck. actually I'm primarily interested in another interview that i beleive is on that album, eith the guitarist Howard Roberts. Do you know where I can get a copy of that interview? I have a website on Howard at

    Thanks Mike

  4. Any possibility of getting this link back up?