Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From Us To You, A Parlophone Rehearsal Session

Ruthless Rhymes, 1978

Not an EMI rehearsal, but the BBC session tapes from the July 17th, 1964 recording of From Us To You. This 10" LP was the first appearance of the material, which still hasn't been upgraded 32 years later (although the source tape is available on CD).

- From Us To You
- Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey!
- Long Tall Sally
- If I Fell
- Boys
- I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

- I Should Have Known Better
- Things We Said Today
- A Hard Day's Night
- From Us To You


  1. I always wondered if this is the true speed (I heard the cd version too). It would be nice to see if anyone can do a remaster of this, since the tape source sounded too nr. If you do slow down the recording here it does sound like the right speed. Thanks for sharing this! I always wanted to hear the vinyl source

  2. Thanks. Very good!!!

    Fernando (from Brazil)

  3. I have a copy of this record in BLUE. It was with numerous other records I acquired. I dont know much about it other then someone said the value was 10 and then I saw it on ebay for a 1000. Rather inflated I would say. I do want to sell it but have no idea a FAIR selling price. Can anyone help?