Monday, January 11, 2010

Cue The Clap NOW!

Following the marathon "White Album" sessions in 1968, George and Pattie Harrison flew to Los Angeles on October 16th. The next seven weeks in the US were an extremely happy and productive time for George, as he spent time producing and playing on Jackie Lomax's solo LP Is This What You Want?

While in California, George dropped by underground Pasadena radio station KPPC-FM on November 4th and sat in for a lengthy interview with Don Hall and Charles Laquidara:

Likewise, George taped a promo for KHJ-AM to promote the US release of the film Yellow Submarine:

On November 12th, during a session for the Lomax LP at Sound Recorders Studios, Bernie Krause introduced George to the wonders of the Moog III synthesizer. Their synth experiments that evening were released as "No Time Or Space", a track on George's 1969 LP Electronic Sound.

On the 13th, George, Pattie, and Mal Evans visited Frank Sinatra in a Hollywood studio, where Sinatra was recording his Cycles LP. Two days later, George popped up at CBS-TV Studios to make a guest appearance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour:

Later that month (possibly the 21st), George was at Wally Heider Studios to contribute a rhythm guitar performance to Cream's next single, "Badge" (co-written by George and Eric Clapton, with help from Ringo).

George flew to New York for Thanksgiving, where he spent time in Woodstock hanging out with Bob Dylan and members of The Band. On the 30th, he and Tiny Tim taped a memorable contribution to The Beatles' Sixth Christmas Record:

George and Pattie flew back to London on December 6th.


  1. I was part of the Geo Harrison interview. It was not held at the KPPC studios in the basement of the Pasadena Presbyterian Church; we talked with George either at the Capitol Records building or at the hotel where George was staying. There were three of us interviewing George, including myself, Don Hall and a salesman named Andy. Don Hall may have a fuller recollection, but I have been unable to locate him for years. My email address is

  2. Thanks for the comment, Charles! I always wondered who that third voice was. And it makes sense that you went to George rather than him going to you. Do you remember George playing the White Album to you after the interview? I assume it was from a tape or acetates, because the LP wasn't released for a few more weeks.

  3. hi john,

    any idea where this video is from?

  4. You might have noticed my question on the YouTube comments and the poster's reply: "This was taken from the program 'The Way it Is' air date Jan. 26, 1969. Interviewed by Carl Charlson." Not sure about the filming date, though.