Friday, October 1, 2010

Ultra Rare Trax Volume 3 & 4

BEEB Transcription, 1988

One of the best and most important Beatlegs ever, released by Yellow Dog simultaneously with Volume 5 & 6. Uniformly excellent quality studio outtakes, from tapes and acetates and mostly never-before heard. Mind-boggling material at the time and still impressive!

- One And One Is Two
- Do You Want To Know A Secret
- She's A Woman
- Hold Me Tight
- Ticket To Ride

- Yes It Is
- There's A Place
- A Taste Of Honey
- There's A Place
- I Saw Her Standing There
- Misery

- 12-Bar Original
- Help!
- I Feel Fine

- Day Tripper
- We Can Work It Out
- Yes It Is

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