Thursday, January 6, 2011

Waltzing Jury

On April 18th, 1963, The Beatles performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the first time, as part of Swinging Sound 63, a multi-artist concert arranged by BBC Radio. Backstage at the Hall, they recorded a message for Australian radio, specifically for disc jockey Barry Ferber of 3DB in Melbourne.

John Lennon made the first solo Beatle TV appearance on June 22nd, 1963, when he sat on the panel of Juke Box Jury. Alongside Katie Boyle, Bruce Prochnik and Caroline Maudling, John reviewed new singles from Cleo Laine, Elvis Presley, Miriam Makeba, Tom Glaser, Russ Conway, Paul and Paula, and Julie Grant. Lennon's characteristic brutal honesty led to him voting every single record a "miss".

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