Monday, January 3, 2011

Bactrax Sessions

King Kong Records, 1975

A repackaging of two earlier CBM titles, Supertracks 1 and Supertracks 2.

- You Really Got A Hold On Me
- Have You Heard The Word
- You Really Got A Hold On Me
- What's The New Mary Jane
- Teddy Boy

- Dig It
- L.S. Bumblebee
- Maxwell's Silver Hammer
- Besame Mucho
- Crying, Waiting, Hoping
- Rip It Up/Shake Rattle And Roll

- Paperback Writer
- Rain
- Peace Of Mind
- Let It Be
- Hey Jude

- Get Back
- I Should Have Known Better
- If I Fell
- And I Love Her
- Tell Me Why
- If I Fell
- I Should Have Known Better


  1. Wow, a version of a version that I have never seen before (the cover at least). I love the track selection. Your work is appreciated. It's the little things that matter. Good job!
    ...and Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you a thousand times for this! Supertracks 1 was the very first bootleg I'd ever laid my hands on, back in the summer of '79. One of the most exciting moments of my life, changed my world completely. Loved it beyond words, the thrill and mystique of unheard(!!) Beatle music, the intrigue and prestige of illicit vinyl. I'm still chasing down that same excitement on message boards and blogs all across the Net.