Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dutch Treat

Here's a special bonus post, featuring a recording I just stumbled across. It has much in common with the "born in a prison" 1972 New Year's Message, and stems from around the same time.

Soon after meeting Paul and Linda on December 15th, 1971, John and Yoko were interviewed at their Bank Street apartment for Dutch radio by Ineke van den Bergen. The topics are familiar for the period: his feud with Paul, the Rock Liberation Front, David Peel, Jerry Rubin, etc. There's also a message to prisoners which apparently aired on the Joe Blow Show, a program for Dutch inmates, in a segment called "Jail Cats Corner".

What sets the interview apart is the inclusion of exclusive acoustic runthroughs of "Attica State" and "Luck Of The Irish". At John's insistence, they were marred by voiceover during the original VPRO broadcast on January 7th, 1972. This attempt to foil bootleggers didn't work, as the tracks were booted four years later on the LP Angel Baby. However, those were awful quality, while this recent upload is in mint condition (although still partially obscured).

UPDATE: Thanks to John McEwen for pointing out this page which has clean versions of both songs, from the Joe Blow Show:


  1. GREAT interview! Particularly love how he talks about meeting with Paul. Thanks for posting this "bonus post"!

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