Thursday, January 19, 2012

Running Down The Road

The long-awaited Abbey Road LP was released in the UK on September 26th, 1969. Most previous Beatles albums had promotion from the group as a whole, whether appearing on TV, radio, or giving print interviews. This time, each of the band members would give individual interviews about Abbey Road, describing the new songs for different media outlets. Listening to all four in succession is an enlightening way to compare their opinions on the final Beatles LP.

George spoke with Ritchie Yorke of the Toronto Globe and Mail, not long after John's return from Toronto on the 15th. On the 19th, Paul chatted to David Wigg for BBC Radio 1's Scene And Heard, broadcast in two parts on the 21st and 28th.

Ringo and John both recorded track-by-track dissections of Abbey Road for Radio Luxembourg; Ringo's talk with "Kid" Jensen was aired September 26th, and John's rundown with Tony Macarthur was played one night later.


  1. Fantastic interviews, every one of them, thanks...

  2. Almost at the end of 1969. Been following along using your book as a guide. any more interviews coming. Really appreciate it.

  3. John? Will there be more posts. You've had the best site since you started.

  4. Yes, I hope to get back to posting regularly soon. Been busy of late...

  5. Please roll on into October, Mr. Winn! You're the man.

  6. Take your time, man, it's great to hear you're going to keep on going, but I wouldn't blame you if you stopped tomorrow!

    You know, I remember being about 4 or 5 years old when my Dad brought home an 8-track(!) of bootlegs that a friend of the family's made for him. I still remember everything that was on it. It started with the wildlife Across the Universe, then Ain't She Sweet and Cry For A Shadow.....lots of BBC stuff, the Glyn Johns' Don't Let Me Down, and Christmas '67. Ever since then, I had a dream to get everything I could of these guys.

    You have really helped fufill a lifelong dream. Generations after us...Beatlefreaks they may be...they will not possibly be able to feel the same way about this stuff as we do! I'm a guy.....watching all those shrieking girls wanting to be so close to them.....I can totally relate, especially when you listen to all this stuff....a story in history that you can't even believe that it happened....but here's the proof. Adelaide. Shea Stadium. The Bed Ins! Listening to these interviews of John's makes me realize how much the Occupy Wall Street movement really have digested Lennon's comments about not fighting the establishment at their own game, do things that confuse them, that they can't understand....

    Wow, I'm writing a book here.......all I'm saying is....thanks. Life on planet Earth, sure ain't the future we imagined....listening to this stuff really keeps me occupied with something else other than fear and dread.

    Can't wait for the next installments....can't wait for that John interview in December where he's talking about music (for a change!!)