Friday, May 4, 2012

Bip Bop Baby

George continued promotion for Raga and the Concert For Bangla Desh LP (finally released December 20th in the US) with back-to-back appearances on chat shows in New York.

First up was The Dick Cavett Show, taped November 23rd (the night after Raga's premiere). Cavett had a much harder time getting George to open up than he had with John, although George warmed to the topic of Capitol Records' president Bhaskar Menon, and EMI's delaying of the Bangla Desh LP for what he perceived as greedy reasons. George also sat in on a song with Gary Wright and watched Ravi Shankar perform, as well as screening clips from Raga and the in-progress Concert For Bangla Desh film:

The next day, George and Ravi were guests on The David Frost Show, syndicated on American TV December 3rd. George begins this appearance even more reluctant to speak, but by the middle of the show has loosened up, singing snatches of "I Believe", "When The Saints Go Marching In", "Isolation", and even "Bip Bop"! He also introduces guest musician David Bromberg, who performs a song he and George had written the previous Thanksgiving, "The Holdup". And George is even persuaded by Frost to reproduce the first sitar exercise he learned from Ravi!

Unfortunately, the videotape of this show doesn't seem to have survived (only a short silent monochrome clip filmed by a home viewer), but a basically complete audio recording does exist.


  1. Oh my gosh! Never have heard this David Frost's better than the Dick Cavett appearance! George is great on this one!

    Thank you, Captain Fantastic!

  2. Hey, I have a slight request that maybe someone can help me out with (the five people or so who might see this comment!). It goes out of the chronological order thing that is just so fantastic about this blog, but maybe someone's got this so I thought it would be worth a shot:

    Years ago, I had the vinyl "Two Virgins" and sold it when the cd came out. It took me YEARS to realize that they cut out the end of "Two Virgins", the best part! So...if anyone has side 2 of the vinyl "Two Virgins" on an mp3 or something, or even just the last five minutes or so of side 2, I'd be much appreciated! Just thought I'd take a stab, here on Beatlechat/Contra Band! I have no idea why they would cut that part of the piece but.....there are greater mysteries in Beatledom I suppose!

    George's ripping of "Bip Bop" is hilarious in that David Frost interview, thanks for this!!!

  3. If you can't find a download, try locating the semi-offical release of Two Virgins which was released by Creative Sounds in 1991. Its a straight transfer, apparently from a vinyl source since surface noise can be heard, but its complete. It is indeed puzzling why the newer Yoko remaster is edited. Try ebay.

    1. Thanks 'Nonymous!

      Maybe Yoko wanted to cut it so they could later release a second "restored" "deluxe" version....since "Two Virgins" ain't exactly like "Electric Ladyland" or "Who's Next", two albums that seem to get re-released every couple of years... let's face it..."Two Virgins" only got one more re-release in it!

      -Charles Hawtrey

  4. Curious if there is a go-to source online anywhere for the silent monochrome clip? Long overdue thanks for such a brilliant blog and Beatley resource - love your efforts to help fill in the blanks through all their band and solo years! - Walruswaspete