Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TM on TV, Part 2

Audience response to John and George's 1967 appearance on The Frost Programme was so well-received that Frost invited them back on October 4th to further discuss Transcendental Meditation.

This time, other guests were on the panel, including TM proponents John Allison and Nick Clark. Taking up the opposing (or at least highly skeptical) viewpoint was writer John Mortimer. John and George weren't exactly persuasive in their counterarguments, with George coming off condescending and John merely cranky.


  1. Thanks for this! I listened to the previous appearance when you posted and really enjoyed. I'm new to your blog, and it's fantastic! Particularly the interviews.

    And speaking of interviews, I have a request: in Way Beyond Compare there's a transcription of a recreation of the NYC arrival press conference. Any chance that's been reconstructed also as audio? And if so, could you post? Thanks much!

  2. Yes it has, and yes I could! Watch for it soon.

  3. Great, thanks! I really appreciate it!