Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sam Houston Colosseum

Beat Records, 1987

A clear vinyl LP of the August 19th, 1965 evening show in Houston. Common material at the time.

- Twist And Shout
- She's A Woman
- I Feel Fine
- Dizzy Miss Lizzy
- Ticket To Ride
- Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

- Can't Buy Me Love
- Baby's In Black
- I Wanna Be Your Man
- A Hard Day's Night
- Help!
- I'm Down


  1. Can you be more specific? 21 people have downloaded it so far, and I haven't heard of any problems.

  2. brilliant stuff, thanks for all the downloads

  3. Thanks for sharing...

    I get an error on flac 2; winamp won't play it and it won't decode to wav (not even in "decode through errors" mode).
    Flac front says: "stream is too big to fit in a single wav file".
    I downloaded it twice and both flacs behave the same.

  4. Hi, thanks so much for sharing, but I also have the problem with the Side 2 FLAC.

  5. The (header) problem with Side 2 can be solved using the foobar2000 converter, using the setting to merge all tracks into one output file.

    Converting the flac file to e.g. WAV, foobar2000 gives an error message "Corrupted FLAC stream", but the output will be OK.


  6. Foobar2000 won't convert Side 2

  7. Foobar error message:

    "1 out of 1 tracks converted with major problems.

    Source: "Z:\SHC2.flac"
    Corrupted FLAC stream
    An error occurred while writing to file (Unsupported format or corrupted file) : "C:\Users\Richard\Desktop\SHC2.wav"
    Conversion failed: Unsupported format or corrupted file"