Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ready Steady Go!

From 1963-1965, The Beatles made several appearances on Associated-Rediffusion's live TV pop music series, Ready Steady Go!

Their first visit was October 4th, 1963, when they were interviewed by host Keith Fordyce and guest hostess Dusty Springfield. They also performed three songs, participated in a Helen Shapiro number, and Paul judged a Brenda Lee miming contest.

Their return visit followed a triumphant American trip, and Keith Fordyce presented them with an award for occupying the top 3 slots on Billboard's Hot 100 chart (soon to be the top 5). In addition to the usual song performances, they judged a Beatle artwork contest, chatted with Cathy McGowan, and John introduced an Alma Cogan number.

The Beatles' final group appearance on Ready Steady Go! was to promote Beatles For Sale. This time, they stuck to miming songs and brief interviews with Fordyce and McGowan, largely drowned out by screaming fans.

John and George dropped by in April, 1965 to chat with Cathy McGowan (no video or audio has surfaced yet), and joined in with the rest of the guests singing Adam Faith's "I Need Your Loving" over the closing credits.

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