Monday, January 2, 2012

Rabbis and Popeyes

Reporters and disc jockeys who couldn't make the pilgrimage to Montreal were able to speak with John and Yoko via telephone. On May 29th and 30th, they chatted with Howard Smith of WABC-FM in New York, and they rapped with WNEW-FM's Rosko on the latter night. The 30th also found them talking to Tom Campbell and Bill Holley of KYA-AM in San Francisco, a recording later distributed on a 7" single, "The KYA 1969 Peace Talk". They even recorded several peace-related jingles and promos for various stations.

Ken Seymour of CBC Radio was near enough to record his interview in person, and CBC-TV sent a camera crew to cover the Bed-in for their news program The Way It Is. Patrick Watson interviewed John and Yoko for the show, aired June 8th. Meanwhile, John and Yoko's personal camera crew were capturing all the bedside happenings for their own documentary film, issued on video in 1990 as John and Yoko: The Bed-in.

The highlight of the week was of course the live recording of "Give Peace A Chance", which took place in a crowded room 1742 on the night of May 31st. The following day, a weary John described the "bedlam" to a reporter. The Bed-in concluded on June 2nd, and John was in a reflective mood that day as he spoke with Fred Peabody, a reporter for Concern magazine.

The following afternoon, John and Yoko stopped by a peace conference at the University of Ottawa and participated in a panel discussion. A visit to Niagara Falls on June 4th was their last stop in Canada before returning to London on the 5th.


  1. are the complete disccussions with Tommy Smothers and/or Dick Gregory floating around out there?

  2. Hi John,
    Greatest blog on the net. Keep up the great work.
    Here's two little clips that I didn't catch on there, but they may have been there.

    March 1969 - The Ballad of John And Yoko -

    June 3, 1969 - Ottawa speech -

  3. Thanks for the clips, Randy! The first one I didn't post because it's more of a jingle than an interview (like "Radio Peace"). The second is part of the Bed-In documentary, but I don't recall if I included it in my audio rip, so it's good to have it here for people who want it separate from the Montreal stuff.