Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long Distance Information, Get Me...

Despite all the controversy surrounding John's offhand remarks about Christianity, the concerts in Memphis, Tennessee went largely as planned. There was no large protest or boycott, average attendance compared to the rest of the tour, and only a firecracker punctuating "If I Needed Someone" (thrown by an unruly teenaged boy, not a religious fanatic) during the evening show.

Nevertheless, it was the most heavily covered stop on the tour, due to the anticipation of troubles. Here are a number of interviews and on-the-spot reports covering the events of August 19th, 1966 (the Coleman and Stagg recordings are of poor quality):

Paul on the tour bus (filmed by ITV for Reporting '66)
Bess Coleman live report (during the first show)
Richard Lindley interview (backstage between shows for Reporting '66)
Ken Douglas live report (during the second show)
Kenny Everett report (in the bus leaving the stadium after the second show)

Reporting '66 concert footage:


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