Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Born To Boogaloo

Although he'd been out of the public spotlight in recent months, Ringo kept busy during the winter of 1971-1972 as a session drummer, playing on sessions for Peter Frampton, Bobby Keys, and Lon & Derrek Van Eaton, among others.

He and Maureen also attended the 40th birthday party for Elizabeth Taylor, held in Budapest, Hungary on February 27th, 1972:

Ringo's main job during this period was to oversee Apple Films, and for his directorial debut he chose Born To Boogie, a documentary about the hottest band in the UK, T. Rex. He had been hanging out with frontman Marc Bolan, whose lingo had inspired Ringo's new single, "Back Off Boogaloo".

Ringo promoted the single and discussed his film projects during an appearance on BBC Radio's Scene And Heard, aired March 18th. That evening, Ringo was busy shooting concert footage of T. Rex at the Empire Pool, Wembley.

Scenes for Born To Boogie were also filmed on location at John's former home, Tittenhurst Park. It was there on March 20th that Ringo shot a promo clip for "Back Off Boogaloo":

The following day, filming moved to Apple's basement studio for a T. Rex recording session, with Ringo on drums and Elton John playing piano:


  1. Thank you for clearing up the timeline on these outside sessions AND Back Off Boogaloo!

  2. Love Ringo jamming with Elton and T-Rex!!!

    Just in case someone needs it and didn't see it in the "Jailed For What He Done" comments section:

    Here's a big bunch of 1964 material, mostly from the 1964 tour, I think there's even a couple of 1963 things in there (Cynthia reading "The Clinic" for instance). But mostly from '64, and mostly stuff that hasn't appeared on boots.


    Here's stuff just related to the Kennedy Airport/Plaza Hotel, Feb of '64:


    It's just a big mess but hopefully it'll tide someone over!

  3. The mullet... the beard... but nothing is as silly as Marc singing from the inside of the piano. GAH.

  4. This is thoroughly marvellous John, thank you so much. Ringo is most entertaining on this Scene And Heard interview, relating that he'd been watching the football commentator Jimmy Hill and gaining musical inspiration from him to compose Back Off Boogaloo.

    Thank you also the person who posted the two doses of 1964 material, this is wonderful.

    Take care and best wishes

    Michael ( Northern Ireland )