Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What You Gonna Do Now?

Ringo Starr spent the summer of 1971 in Spain and Italy, co-starring in the ABKCO-produced spaghetti western, Blindman. Ringo played the role of a bandito named Candy, which just happened to be the title of an earlier Ringo movie.

The film premiered in Rome November 15th, 1971 and trickled into theatres worldwide over the next year or so, to poor reviews and minimal attendance. Ringo's only attempt at promoting the film was to compose a dreadful song, "Blindman", and sneak it out on the B-side of "Back Off Boogaloo" in the spring of 1972.

Apart from appearing at the Concert for Bangla Desh, Ringo's other major project that summer was the launching of a home furnishing design company, ROR Ltd., with partner Robin Cruikshank. The duo exhibited their wares that September at Liberty's department store, and Ringo recorded a message promoting the event. He also appeared on the BBC children's show Blue Peter September 16th to show off some of their steel and glass pieces (this footage survives but isn't circulating widely).


  1. As dreadful as the song might be...the movie is even worse! Virtually unwatchable! I'd love to say Ringo is convincing as the bad guy....but it's just not so!

  2. Another view: 'Blindman' is awesome!
    This is a huge favorite with Euro-western fans. Truly over-the-top, something many films of the genre are labeled as, but don't achieve.