Saturday, April 3, 2010

Live At Teatro Adriano


Still the only source for the June 27th, 1965 Rome concert audience tape.

- Twist And Shout
- She's A Woman
- I'm A Loser
- Can't Buy Me Love
- Baby's In Black
- I Wanna Be Your Man
- A Hard Day's Night

- Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
- Rock And Roll Music
- I Feel Fine
- Ticket To Ride
- Long Tall Sally
- interview


  1. Hi John,

    it seems that the side 1 file has Flac error at 85% can you check.

    Thanks and Happy Easter

  2. Has anyone else noticed anything wrong? 22 people have downloaded it so far.

  3. Yes, it stops halfway through, 'Ticket To Ride'.

  4. Downloaded once again but the error is the same
    LAT1.flac...ERROR_FRAME_CRC_MISMATCH @ 14m 51s

  5. I get the same error (as on several other flacs I downloaded here). The downloads were complete so the error lies in the flac itself.

    There is a solution, however: just decode with Flac frontend with the "decode through errors" option. You'll get a wave file with just a tiny error (something like a microskip or a dropout).
    Save the wav to a new file and do whatever you like with that (reencode it to a clean flac or burn it to cd). I hope this helps.