Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Four Knights In Moscow

While John was busy Primaling in America, George spent the summer of 1970 recording the mammoth All Things Must Pass album at EMI and Trident Studios, and Paul remained at home with his family, composing songs for his next LP, Ram.

This left Ringo as perhaps the busiest Beatle that summer, at least in the public eye. He and Maureen attended a screening of the film Woodstock at the Cannes Film Festival on May 9th. After sitting in on some of George's early sessions, he flew to Nashville on June 22nd to record his second solo album, Beaucoups Of Blues. Nine days later, Ringo was back in England and the album was in the can; it was released in September to minimal success.

One of Ringo's neighbours and close friends in Highgate was Bee Gee Maurice Gibb, who had participated the previous year in a "Beatle outfake" recording, the notorious "Have You Heard The Word". Ringo and Maurice spent a few days around the end of August producing a short film for their own amusement. Who Goes There? features brief comedy vignettes in the vein of the Beatles' own Christmas messages of years past:

On October 1st, Ringo taped his second appearance on Cilla Black's BBC1 TV variety series, Cilla, acting in a skit and duetting on "Act Naturally". Although the videotape no longer exists, one fan recorded the audio portion as it was broadcast on February 13th, 1971.


  1. Oh my god, I never even HEARD of this "Who Goes There?" film!!! Wacky stuff!!!

    The picture, with the dogs, is that from the Nashville sessions?

    Thanks again, Brother John!!!

  2. What's "Four Knights in Moscow" refer to? It's probably obvious, but I missed it.


  3. "Four Knights In Moscow" was a possible working title for the song "Early 1970".