Thursday, November 19, 2009

Abbey Road Revisited

CBM, 1973

One side of Ed Sullivan Show performances and one side of Kenny Everett and The Beatles Story tracks.

- From Me To You
- Twist And Shout
- This Boy
- I Saw Her Standing There
- She Loves You
- I Want To Hold Your Hand
- Please Please Me
- All My Loving

- You Really Got A Hold On Me
- Have You Heard The Word
- Don't Let Me Down/Those Were The Days
- Mean Mr. Mustard
- All Together On The Wireless Machine
- Step Inside Love
- Nice Time
- Cottonfields
- Twist And Shout
- Dizzy Miss Lizzy


  1. Any history on "Nice Time"? I've always heard about it as "Bye Bye Bye". Downloading it now so I haven't heard it yet but would love to know the story behind it. Also, check out my Beach Boys blog "A Blind Class Aristocracy":

  2. "Bye Bye Bye" was the name bootleggers gave it, but it's actually Kenny Everett performing the theme song to a Granada TV series. More info here (including the single version):

  3. Am I wrong in thinking that this is the best copy of Step Inside Love that I've ever heard? Clearer than before, at least.

  4. This was the first appearance of Step Inside Love on bootleg and is probably the clearest vinyl source. However, it has since appeared from tape on the CDR As It Happened, Baby! It still sounds crappy, though.